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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Regardless of the weather

Most individuals don't have the privilege of associating with such a diverse group of people; I on the other hand do. Actually I do it quite often jumping from group to group.But I never thought my friends would be seasonal, unfortunately it seems that way. I see some during the cold rock climbing season and others during the hot summer months of my recent 4 wheel drive adventures. But some are year round. The kind you keep in touch with regardless of the weather. Pictured here is Josh, myself and Tommy. Without Josh's consistent help I wouldn't have the BAD ASS Cherokee I own. Great guy, down for anything, including his recent crossover into bouldering. Tommy is crazy funny, constantly keeping you on your toes with his pranks. His personality is unmatched. I can only hope that the future holds as much fun as the past, regardless of the weather.