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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Blueprint

My life is easy, not really complicated. But not by chance. I have developed over the years the ability to shape or model my life. The blueprint seems to be to stay within certain boundaries, constantly strive to simplify and keep dramatic change to a minimum. This is all handled through a diverse thought process referred to as "thinking ahead". It affords me a certain piece of mind that otherwise would be impossible. Yet from time to time unavoidable items enter your life that seem to tear your blueprint into pieces. Your daily life now revolves around issues that typically would never appear. Yeah, I'm adaptable or at least that's what my resume says. If any unforeseen events shall arise I will adapt and overcome. But I don't have an answer for everything and anything out of my control is enough to drive me insane. Maybe we are all control freaks to a certain degree. I know that I am, but I don't consider it to plague me. In fact, its another facet of my blueprint. Proportional with aging, I think you begin to exercise increasing control in decisions over your life in order to prolong...your life. I know when I was younger I would hurl myself down a 5 step hand rail on a skateboard destroying my ankles on impact. Considering those consequences I resort to the watching the X-Games to satisfy my desire. Now, older and wiser I still engage in high risk activities such as rock climbing, but under controlled circumstances. To me it seems to be a fine balance between releasing enough control to enjoy life, but remaining in control to extend it.