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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve

Today was a long day. Sarah and I started it off with a second day on at Horse Pens 40. There were alot of people there and most of them got in the way. I think that most of the visitors are unaware that they have their stuff in the way of boulder problems they are not doing. Whatever. We finally cruised to the back, I was interested in that long traverse across the Eight Ball Boulder...whatever it's called. There were a group of loud girls on some problem next to Eight Ball giving each other beta and motivation to get to the top. Most of them were wearing everything they could muster up that had the word climbing written on it, you know all those over priced shirts and pants to make you feel like your really a part of the crowd. 20 minutes later we left, having our fill on all the gumbies we could handle for one afternoon. On to Adam's house for what may be my 6th year in a row I have spent New Year's Eve. Cooper made his yearly return, only to surprise me with a recent buzz-cut. Ouch Coop...let it grow back man!! Jk. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Cooper Roberts I would suggest putting that high on your to-do-list. I had my fair share of drinking, in fact I think I got buzzed way too early, but I made it to midnight and shortly thereafter Sarah and I left. Good times, good friends!