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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One day last week while the Cherokee was at the ORC I wondered whether or not I would hear this thing run again. I thought about all the hard work Josh and I have put into this. The countless hours thinning down the wire harness, the custom sheet metal work Keith whipped into beautiful tool boxes. I thought all of this was going to be a waste. But then it happenned after Trey (ORC) put 12 volts to the skim. The motor stayed running. Evidentally the computer chip in the key couldn't communicate with the skim (sentry key immobilizer module)in the steering column and the motor wouldn't stay running for longer than 2 seconds. So it's fixed, running and in need of wire organization.

Thought I'd make a list of all things done to it over the past 11-12 months. In no particular order.

-Power steering cooler mount (now off radiator)
-Hood skinned
-Hood drilled and dimple died
-Hood custom paint
-Hood pins (Custom rear mounts)
-Re-routed Air intake through firewall (Custom stand)
-Re-routed breathers through firewall
-Rear mounted dual batteries
-Removed air conditioning compressor (Installed idler pulley)
-New transfer case linkage (New shifter and knob)
-Skinned all four dours
-Mounted rear door skins and tabs
-Removed all dynamat (50+ hours of work, painted interior
-Removed all glass (windshield included)
-Removed windshield wipers, motor
-Installed marguard 10 1/4" speed glass windshield (custom sticker pack)
-Fabricated sun visor, custom paint
-Fabricated wind deflector, custom paint
-Fabricated custom cowl, dimple died, custom paint
-Installed fuel pressure gauge under hood
-Fabricated soft doors (5/16" round bar)
-Painted grill and headlight bezels
-Fabricated spider stick
-Installed rear shackle relocation brackets
-Installed interior mood lights
-Fabricated fuse paned and power station
-Custom tool boxes fabricated by Keith Bailey (ORC)
-Removed dashboard and all components
-Gutted factory wire harness, removed bulky clips
-Mounted MSD box inside on firewall

What's next on the adgenda:
-Plate subframe form bumper to bumper
-Custom ".120 DOM 6pt. cage
-Truss both axles
-Long travel shocks
-Longacre Rear view mirror
-Rigid Industries light bar
-Radesign products baja shifter