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Monday, March 22, 2010

Gray Rock ORV Spring Fling 2010

I have to admit, after being at Gray Rock for 10 minutes and having to answer all the questions relating to my Jeep being finished, I felt like leaving. The looks on people's faces after seeing my interior. "What happenned? Is it done? It's not done is it?" No, it's not done. Man it took like COUNTLESS hours to get to this point. I've never done this before. I'm not Adam Woodlee. So it may take me another year. But I didn't turn this in to some fab shop and have them do it. Me and my friends are and that takes time. Plus I like to rock climb. That takes time too.

So enough of that. On to the pics.

Gray Rock ORV Spring Fling 2010. Woohoo! For me it was the opportunity to get the Cherokee out for the first time in a long while.

What worked well..the flat black hood for sure. No reflection. The transfer case linkage worked well. The front end felt light and more responsive. The rear spring shackle allowed the leaf to flatten out. All the electrics work well. Both fans, mood lights, rock lights. The sun visor was killer.

What didn't work..The wind deflector. It did nothing. Leaving it in the rain, uncovered. That doesn't work. The ox locker. Some kind of adjustment needs to go on here. It seems to always be acting up. I keep forgetting to turn the fans on.