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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not so much climbing..

I haven't been bouldering as much this past season as I have the past 7 years. In fact that's pretty much all I use to do. I love to climb. It's something I feel I'll always have in me. The motivation you feel from others as they try and push they're limits. The desperation as you try to move off bad holds. The friendships you build with people that you deal with on other levels then "non climber" friends. The close group of friends that call you all the time to climb. This entry is dedicated to my close climbing friends that never fail in they're attempts to get me out and boulder.Sarah Johnson. She's been climbing four years and could tell you more about the history of local areas then most veterans. Her "never tell me I can't do it" attitude is one thing anyone could take note of. Do not attempt to turn the corner and show this girl up, she will embarrass you. Jeff Wales. Hmm. The Southeast's most motivated climber the past how many years in a row? The Southeast's most unsung, unrecognized, mutant high steppin' boulderer. I'd like to tell you to befriend him, but I don't want you in our circle. That's just less time he can give me motivation. Ben Glazner. The first climbing friend I met when I moved to the southeast in 2001. When he arrives to climb, you'll hear him 10 minutes before. Not short on character, Ben will make you laugh so hard you will hurt in places you didn't know existed. In addition, he'll boulder so hard, it will make you ask for his autograph. Thanks to all these friends for they're endless motivation and patience.