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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frame Stiffeners-Main Subframe

Grinding off the undercoating. We had to drop the transmition crossmember 2" to be able to slide the frame support in.

The long arm support that went here will be returned. It had to be slightly modified to accomodate the extra thickness of the subframe after adding the stiffeners.

Unlike the front and rear stiffeners, these cover both the side and the bottom. Lots of plug holes.

David behind the whip. He makes this job go a lot faster/smoother than I thought it would. Plus he has 20+ years of welding experience.

The gap between the front and side stiffeners on the driver's side.Weld it up, grind it down and you'll probably never see it again. These stiffeners were very well designed. On a side note, I have to grind down the lower control arm mounts. With the time/money being spent on the frame I def. need to clean it up a bit.