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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mountainside Offroad Park

What a great ride. Josh and I stayed at JJ and Angie's place. We had our own wing. We woke up saturday morning and cooked a great breakfast. People started showing up. Cliff, Ricky...familiar faces. We were already loaded up on the trailer from the day before. Josh's truck gleaming in the morning sun. That thing was amazing!
We headed to the park to meet RJ and friends. Parked the truck, headed up the hill, signed in, and proceeded to whip shitties within 5 mintues of being there. High banked turns, a race course, I was in heaven. Then we went on a trail ride around the 100 acre park. What a great place.
-Sliced lower radiator hose
-Sliced front right brake line
-Jammed the front bumper mounts downward from a hard landing on the ledge in the picture below.