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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Damn Waterworks Trails!!

We went riding today. Josh and I in my Jeep. Adam in his new KOH '09 race car. Keith and Sam in the Bruiser. Mike and his son in his new HO Razr. Ron and his son in his new Wide Open Design creation. Tommy, Josh and Casey in Josh's Jeep. We hit the waterworks trails after meeting at Keith's house. Adam showed up and I got some really good pictures of his car. I even got to sit in it. haha When we hit the trails Keith and Adam were too fast for me, they got ahead and we missed all the good stuff. Keith rolled on Ebola 1. Adam broke ANOTHER Yukon 3rd member. I guess that new GTO V8 is gonna find a weak spot somewhere in his drivetrain. At least he is starting his shakedown now, rather than a week before the race. He had to take off and rode out early. Now let me just say this..I don't like the Waterworks trails. Maybe I never got a proper introduction, maybe I just don't feel like I'm warming up when you drive down "Logjammer" immediately off the road. Either way something didn't feel right and my attitude showed it. Josh as usual was patient and always trying to help me. Super STAND up guy! I really want to be good at this but it's hard. Maybe not hard in the way bench pressing a tank is hard, but difficult to explain. I guess when your going down a hill and your front tire drops into a hole, which in turn lifts your rear tire 3ft. off the ground is best explanation of my fears. Hard to get used to.

After we left Josh and I took the Tressel trails home. Down the waterlines, up Possom Path, out the train tracks until we hit Shades Grove Rd. Then we ran the powerlines homes at usual speed. I guess this is where my talent, if any, is shown. Picking lines at faster speeds, drifting the rear end..

Nice Ride. I think I'll go back to the Waterworks Trails again right away. I don't want to give up on them yet.