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Thursday, December 25, 2008

North Shore Yuppie Eradicators

A small group of local Hawaiian Pipeline surfers with the simple philosophy: "We get the good waves, all the rest of you get the leftovers." Known to cut leashes, stomp boards in half and stomp yuppies in half.

That's my new philosophy. If you come grabbin' on my holds as I'm standing right in front of the thing, your gonna get the stomp!

When I'm done contriving the hell out of it then you and your flock of vulchers can traverse by.

Do not walk up to a problem (already packed with people) and expect to jump on. You didn't brush the holds, that's not your pad you're wiping your feet on, we don't want to see how strong you are. Go somewhere else and wait until I'm (anyone) is done.

Learn a bit of respect. If you don't want to learn, you're getting the stomp.