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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jellico, Tn - Offroad Adventures

I've been invited to an invitation only offroad park in northern Tennessee. So far north it's practically Kentucky. We're leaving this Friday at 4am. I usually can't take my Jeep on rides that far but I've been offered a place on Keith's double trailer. I suppose he's taking any one of his two FAR superior rigs. It will be a honor to be on the same trailer as him. For those who don't know Keith Bailey is the owner of Offroad Connection in Fultondale. We intend on doing some trails cutting on Friday, then riding on Saturday, coming back Sunday. So a little work, a little riding and alot of fun! Josh is riding with me so you know I'll be fine. There are alot of people coming up. This place is like 9000 acres of privately owned wilderness. Check back next week for pictures and updates.

Misc. pictures of surrounding area.