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Friday, July 11, 2008

Recently I have completed a large amount of work for my Jeep. I figured I would post a list of the new upgrades I have added and the recent fabrication and modifications we have done.

  • Front Axle- Dana 30; 30 spline Warn chromoly stub shafts; Yukon 30 spline chromoly inners; Yukon superjoints; Warn 5 x 5.5 internal hub conversion; Ox Locker; Yukon 4.56 gears

  • Rear Axle- Chrysler 8.25; 29 spline Moser chromoly axles; Detroit Locker; Yukon 4.56 gears

  • 15" x 10" beadlock wheels with custom power coating turning 35" x 12.50" Pro Comp Xtreme MT rubber

  • Suspension (Rusty's Offroad Long Arm)

  • (Front) 8+" coil springs; limiting straps

  • (Rear) 6" leaf springs; 1.5" shackles

  • Lower control arms axle mounts have been reinforced.

  • Rear chunk has been trimmed for more clearance

  • Rear rocklights were installed. These lights are completely watertight and extremely useful in case of driveline breaks.

  • Painless fuse block has been installed to handle fans, MSD, rock lights. Each item now has a switch, 40amp relay and appropriate fuse.

  • Four 3" holes were punched in the firewall to let air escape into the cowl.

  • Interior switch for winch was installed.

  • Mechanical gauges for both fuel pressure and trans temp. were installed on the A pillar in a dual gauge pod.

Future plans:

  • Front axle will be reinforced with a truss.

  • Panhard bar axle mount will be changed. Hiem joints will replace both ends for added strength.

  • Rear axle will be reinforced with a truss.

  • Install a rear traction bar to prevent axle wrap.

  • Custom 3/8" steel plated fenders with fabricated tube fenders.

  • Custom 3/8" rear quarter panels with fabricated tube fenders and coffin rails.

  • Sub frame plating with cross frame supports.

  • Rock rails welded to sub frame plating and extended to provide further coverage.

  • Dashboard will be removed and replaced with race-inspired DOM tube dash.

  • Fabricate rear tire holder.