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Monday, April 21, 2008

XRRA Xtreme Rock Racing Association

To me it seems there is a race for any type of motor driven machine, and some for those without motors (But we won't discuss any of that malarkey here). Saturday, Gray Rock ORV hosted the 2nd annual XRRA, Xtreme Rock Racing Association. I showed up at the crack of noon and met a handful of friends. The races were very fun to watch.We got extremely close to the action,witnessed many roll-overs and could literally feel the ground shake from some the motors. Our local sponsored driver and good friend Adam Carter made his appearance and did quite well. This year he built a new rock racing buggy.After a while we went on our own ride in Josh Jeep and Uncle Bob's UBKON. What a machine! With over 500hp it's like driving a lightning bolt with a gas pedal. Plus it comes with the girl! Luv ya Mary Margaret.
We headed back to the races to watch some more of the finals. On the way I got a picture of some of the young locals playing in the dirt. Then I wanted to move my jeep somewhere else away from the dust and dirt of all the traffic coming in, but the parking was getting tight.As the day ended we went on another small ride, hit some hill climbs and then Josh and I headed out or something like that...it's all hard to remember.